Terms & Conditions


You must read, understand, accept and agree to all terms and conditions in this Agreement before using the application and / or accepting the content provided here. By accessing or using the Seni.id site, the User has considered and agreed to all the contents of the terms and conditions below. Terms and conditions can be changed or agreed at any time without prior notice. Changes to the terms and conditions will be requested as soon as they are posted on the Seni.id site. If the User agrees to the terms and conditions that we propose in this Agreement, then we recommend not to use this site.


I. Service System

  1. Online shopping through Seni.id website can be done every time, 24 hours and 7 days a week, but for bookings on Friday / Saturday / Sunday / holidays and past operational hours, the items ordered will be in the order queue and will we process the next day.
  2. The operational time for Seni.id customer service that can be contacted via Customer Service and Email is from 08:00 – 17:00 WIB (Monday-Friday).
  3. If there is a connection disruption on the online shopping system network, the customer cannot do the online ordering process at Seni.id for a while.
  4. Membership
  5. All data must be filled completely and correctly not to misuse data including (but not limited to) telephone numbers, e-mails and addresses belonging to others for any reason and purpose. The customer who is accepted is sued by the legal data owner and Seni.id has the right to revoke membership rights and or choose legal steps for this approval.
  6. Each member is responsible for their password and account usage. Account broadcasting by other parties is outside the responsibility of Seni.id.
  7. id members agree not to abuse existing facilities and features to the detriment of individuals, groups or groups.
  8. id is very attractive for customers to examine every method and data available on the website to minimize losses to customers. It is important to realize that the risk of finding data or members with bad intentions remains. Considering these Guidelines and Regulations, the Customer accepts that Seni.id is not responsible for the specifications, drawings and other issues discussed relating to these risks.
  9. id has the right at any time and for any reason, change any part of these Terms and Conditions and each member agrees.

II. Ordering Procedure

  1. Responses to Claims for Products Expected on the Seni.id website
  2. Error answering that causes detailed information such as prices and other product information to be incorrect is considered valid.
  3. Customers who are asked to become members of the Seni.id website can make safer online shopping transactions.
  4. Customers can purchase products online using the shopping cart system, then choose the delivery location and then check the total price on the shopping cart system.
  5. Customers pay according to the order and receive payment according to the value of the transaction.
  6. Entitled to refuse transactions.
  7. Payment
  8. The payment method that is accepted that is convenient and most convenient.
  9. Customers must pay the booking fees arising from the online shopping process.
  10. Product Shipment
  11. Delivery of products will be made after Seni.id obtains funds in accordance with the value of goods purchased.
  12. Goods will be sent to the address specified by the customer beforehand.
  13. Mistakes in determining the address by customers that require delivery of goods is not up to the responsibility of Seni.id.
  14. Complaints about unsolicited goods a maximum of 2 weeks since the online shopping transaction is done.
  15. All forms of complaints on the shipment will be the responsibility of the courier service in collaboration with Seni.id.
  16. Product shipping costs will be charged to customers. The cost relationship is entirely related to the cost of the courier service used by Art.id.
  17. Transaction Cancellation
  18. Cancellation of products that have been ordered can only be done by contacting us by telephone Customer Care 021-29055517/081291523388, email admin@Seni.id and the Contact Us page found on the Seni.id website.
  19. id will not serve customer claims for online transactions that occur due to misuse of credit cards. The customer is fully responsible for the credit card ownership.
  20. Transaction cancellation caused by product specification error and out of stock will not incur any costs and the money will be returned intact, including the cost of sending back by the customer (if any).
  21. Cancellation of the transaction can only be done if the goods have not been sent by Seni.id, for the canceled transaction will be subject to a cancellation fine the amount has been determined, which is 5% of the transaction value or 8.5% of the transaction value using credit card payments.

III. Product Description and Conditions

  1. id will present data as accurately as possible with updates that are done regularly, so the data can change at any time.
  2. Item status is displayed as accurately as possible with periodic updates and is subject to change.
  3. Product conditions are as follows:
  • The goods are sealed
  • It is possible that there are differences in the color of goods that are not exactly the same as what is displayed on the website, can be caused by lighting factors and computer monitor settings / resolution and cannot be used as a reference.
  1. Customers must ensure product details / information are in accordance with the required specifications before making approval on the payment page.

IV. Product Prices and Purchase / Payment Confirmations

  1. The price of the product to be paid is as stated on the shopping basket and / or order invoice (payment page).
  2. If there is a change in price, the applicable price is the price in accordance with the total shopping information displayed on the payment page.
  3. Intellectual Property Rights
  4. id is the holder of all rights to the Seni.id website and its legal contents. The website and its contents include intellectual property protected by copyright laws and other laws that protect intellectual property that applies worldwide.
  5. id website, icon, logon which are registered trademarks in various jurisdictions and are protected by laws regarding copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights. It is strictly forbidden to use and change the brand without permission from Seni.id.
  6. Legal Provisions
  7. This agreement is subject to the laws in force in the Republic of Indonesia
  8. If there are disputes arising in the future as a result of the implementation of this agreement. Then the parties concerned must agree in advance to resolve it by deliberation to reach consensus. If the dispute cannot be resolved by deliberation, it will be settled in accordance with applicable legal provisions through the Registrar’s Office of the South Jakarta District Court.